GB with Woody Herman

GB with Jack Clark

GB with Senator Hayakawa

GB with Governor John Connally

Jack Sheldon, Gordon, Clint Eastwood......1974

With Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Stewart in background......1976

Sammie takes Gordon's sign on tape. Click on the image to view thief in action.

GBs brother, Sgt. Sheldon Bloyer Vietnam 1968. Killed in action, 2/18/68

Vice President Bush's campaign advisor, Lee Atwater and Gordon....1988

KGO TV Night Focus

KGO TV Pete Wilson with Gordon, Election 84

Gordon Bloyer Ronn Owens KGO 1986

Gordon Bloyer with James Buckley.

Gordon the Actor.

Gordon on his motorcycle.

GB and Bob Naylor on ch 46 San Jose

Free Speech Message KTVU

GB on set of tv show

GB on KPIX news

KPIX editoral

Terrorism expert during Gulf War I, KTVU

Viacom That's Politics

GB as Sexton at McCool

GB and Air Force 2

GB in the Blue Room

Gordon and Foster Brooks

Nov. 1974

GB with First Lady

Phyllis Schlafly and Gordon in the West Room of the White House

Gordon on left, Bush 41 on right