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Monday, 10 August 2009
National Health Care

If I were in business and had to keep adding money every month to keep the business running, I could not call my business successful. My customers might love my product and be very satisfied but that would not make my business a success.


All the investors with Bernie Madoff were very happy until the scheme ran out of new investors and the money dried up.


I hear people today say that they are very happy with Medicare and Social Security. The Democrats claim these programs are a success. How are they successful? They are running out of money. The taxpayers have to keep increasing their share to pay for these “successful” programs. The truth is, the people that gave us these programs should be arressted for fraud just like Bernie Madoff.


These programs could have been fixed on many occassions but everytime someone tries the Democrats block changes in the programs. They just keep raising taxes to delay the inevitiable collaspe.


Now the Obama admistration wants to perpetuate another fraud on the American people. They call it National Health Care or Insurance Reform. These programs are failures everywhere they are tried. They are ponzie schemes just like Bernie Madoff’s. NO nations government can pay for National Heath Care without rationing the care. That means long lines and months of delay before receiving treatment. That means people will die for lack of care.


The rush to promote this “reform” is built on the lies that the people of this country are clamoring for change in the system and that there are 47 million people that have no care.


The fact is 90% of the people in this country are insured, I am not one. Fact: 86% of the people are happy or satisfied with their care. There is no clamoring for a NEW form of health care. There are NO people without health care in this country, by law they have to be treated, even illegal aliens.


The claim that the 47 million Americans are wandering the streets without insurance is also a lie. Almost 10 million of these are not citizens. The American people have NO obligation to pay for their insurance. Another 16 million could pay for insurance but choose not to. We sure have no obligation to them. 700,000 are people on Medicare. Many of the remaining uninsured are in between jobs and will have insurance when reemployed. This group floats and is never the same people from month to month.


Why should we destroy our heath care system for a few million people? There are reforms needed but they are not draconian changes that the socialists in this country want to ram down our throats. The cost is high and it is so because of government interference in the free market system. We need to inject free market competition to bring down costs.


Don’t fall for the lies from the left-wing newspaper editors and socialists in our government. Omaba Care will bankrupt our nation and destroy our health care system.


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Saturday, 28 February 2009
CPAC Conference Home of Real Americans
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Topic: CPAC Conference 2009

CPAC Conference Home of Real Americans



When I came to Washington D.C. to cover the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) conference I knew I would be in a different world, after all the Democrats just took over the city. The folks attending the conference are the backbone of America. They are people that are going to be screwed, blued and tattooed by the Obama administration. 


What I did not know was that I would be surrounded by delusional left wing bloggers and what appear to be insane children that are the result of our failing public education system. I get the feeling I am at a meeting of the Young Communist League or part of a patient outing by the local mental hospital and this is just in the press room. Maybe next year the people running the conference should make all the media take an IQ test and pass a drug test? Some of these liberals walk around the conference disguised as human beings so the regular citizens are fooled into talking to them.


Let me show you some examples of what these folks would call journalism or rational opinion. Remember these are the folks that think the Iraq War is illegal, that Bush lied to get us into the war, and that to repeat a question to a terrorist is torture. They think Americans do not pay enough taxes and cow farts are a threat to the environment.


This is from one of loon websites…………….


Our correspondent Garrett Quinn continues to prowl CPAC looking for furries — which is not so difficult, as they’re EVERYWHERE you look at CPAC. But what else is going on at America’s Favorite Comedy Convention?

I tried to talk with one of the Youth for Western Civilization kids but he started yelling some crazy shit about too many Mexicans and dey took our jerrrrrbs.There is a guy here with a booth for mutual funds. I don't think he has noticed that all the cool kids are buying gold and tons of guns.


Of course this is all fiction and Quinn is a moron. You must remember the left has no sense of humor and they think their lies are funny.

More from Quinn   ……………………….


I had to listen to some old turd crow about how great Ann Coulter was last night, while I'm working on my blog. He's shouting this Ann Coulter column at me and laughing the entire time. Ann Coulter was never funny or remotely attractive. She has the neck of an ostrich.

……………  Hey, I am the “old turd” he was talking about. See I told you these guys don’t have a sense of humor. Ann Coulter is falling down funny and he doesn’t think so because the humor is aimed at his heart. Ann doesn’t have any tattoos or hair on her legs; of course he doesn’t think she is attractive. I don’t think I disturbed his blog it was still incoherent as required for anything on his site.

This from some website called Left Field.    ………………………..

CPAC Attendees Wear Signs Saying, “Kick Me, I’m A Republican”

Created: February 26th, 2009 | Written By: Kathy

Not really, but they ought to, because that’s what the steady flow of Republican lunacy seems to indicate they want.


Somebody needs to start keeping a list of all the lame, dumbass things Republicans are saying and doing to try and hide the fact that they have no new ideas or vision or plan for revamping the corrupt, morally bankrupt, utterly failed policies that got them kicked out of the White House and their majority status in Congress — and aren’t the least bit worried or concerned about that, either.


Sorry Kathy, I am keeping a list of all the dumbass things you are saying. Just what drugs are you on?

The following comes from a crazy working for Air America, at least we can be sure no one will hear it or read it.   ………………………..

Live From CPAC: Day 1

By Ana Marie Cox

The annual Washington event known as "CPAC" (you can find Tweets regarding it, including mine, here) is actually just the meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee, who may very well spend the rest of the year gearing up for the gathering. It is one of the most well-attended and buzzed about conferences of its kind. Many conservatives I know in DC hate CPAC for the exact same reasons it's become practically the Woodstock of Wingnuts: "It's a freak show," one of them told me.

But headlining CPAC is high on the to-do list anyone serious about garnering the Republican presidential nomination. On the dance card this year: Minnesota Governor and McCain VP also-ran Tim Pawlenty.

Pawlenty's presence here, while typical for someone with rumored presidential ambitions, is not typical of CPAC. The meat here is served red and raw. Pawlenty's early morning slot on Saturday perhaps reflects the amount of enthusiasm this crowd has for his low-key manner and pragmatic approach to policy. Speaking during prime time are voices so shrill that they hardly need to be amplified: Rush Limbaugh, Rep. Mike Pence, Gov. Mark "Let Them Eat A Lack of Unemployment Benefits" Sanford, and CPAC regular Ann Coulter. It was at CPAC two years ago that Coulter announced her only regret about having once met Clinton was not shooting him. Ha ha.



Poor Ana talks about “shrill” voices, wow what nerve, this is from Air America. Ana resents Ann Coulter, of course, she can write and is funny.


As you can see these folks live in a different world. They see everything bad about America. Truth eludes them. Sadly they are the leaders of what is bad about America. We have too much tolerance for people that try to undermine the foundations of country. They should be shunned and ridiculed everywhere they go. When no one speaks out against them they get the idea that everyone agrees with them.


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Updated: Saturday, 28 February 2009 10:44 AM EST
Sunday, 23 November 2008
Obama Rides Into Town
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Topic: Obama

On a dark and dreary day in January the Four Horsemen will ride into Washington. In the Bible they are known as famine, pestilence, destruction and death. Their real names are Obama, Emanuel, Pelosi and Reid.

Obama and Emanuel are disciples of the corrupt Chicago political machine. Mayor Daley taxes everything that moves. He gives aide and comfort to Rev. Wright, Father Phleger and Louis Farrakhan. The city workforce is made up of the Daley family, close and distant relatives, cronies and friends. We can expect the same from Obama.

Chief of Staff, Emanuel is the foul mouthed enforcer and partisan that will stab anyone in the back that does not toe the line. Bodies will be everywhere.

Speaker of the House Pelosi will try to push San Francisco values down our throat. San Francisco promotes gay marriage, removing ROTC from the public schools, allowing non-citizens to vote, protecting illegal aliens, paying the homeless, high taxes and school trips to gay weddings. She also is endorsing the new censorship doctrine that attacks talk radio. This is a truly obscene anti-American agenda.

Reid is the corrupt leader of the Senate that voted for a bill that increased the value of his property in Nevada. His sons are lobbyists. He is a notorious liar. More lies are on the way.


When these folks enact these destructive programs the Devil will tell you that evil is good. The Devil is disguised as CBS, NBC, ABC and all the left-wing media. When America suffers another terrorist attack, the Devil will say it is Bush's fault.


Thank you to Grantland Rice

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Saturday, 30 June 2007
Climate Change or Diaper Change
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Topic: Global Warming

                       CLIMATE CHANGE OR DIAPER CHANGE


Several weeks ago, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi went to Iceland and said she saw “climate change”. Well, yell out the window and call mama! Every human being on the planet sees the climate change every day. Today, where I live, the temperature was 70 degrees at ten in the morning. At noon it was 90 degrees. The climate changed at rate of ten degrees an hour. Run for the hills, it will be 150 degrees by six tonight!


It won’t be 150 degrees tonight? Anyone not in diapers knows that kind of temperature change is an everyday occurrence, so no one panics. Anyone, except Al Gore and Pelosi, would know that you can not make judgments about the temperature of the Earth based on only a few hundred years or a few thousand years of records. 


When the local weather forecaster gives you the highs and lows on this day in recorded history it is a very short term history. We KNOW that the earth was warmer on this day in the year 986. We know from recorded history that Eric the Red colonized Southern Greenland. We also know that the climate was milder there, than it is today. The colony later had to abandon that area because of the oncoming “Little Ice Age”. It got colder, a lot colder.


The warming advocates tried to sell us on the idea that the snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro was melting because of “human global” warming. However, in the July-August edition of American Scientist magazine they wrote, “Most of the retreat occurred before 1953, nearly two decades before any conclusive evidence of atmospheric warming was available. It is certainly possible that the icecap has come and gone many times over hundreds of thousands of years,” Mote a climatologist, said in a statement.


Almost everything Al Gore has said about climate change has been shown to be a lie or highly exaggerated. Why do our “news” organizations continue to promote this nonsense? They want it to be true, is the answer. They are socialists and anti-American. They can only hope to scare Americans with false stories. They pretend that they don’t know the truth. They don’t like capitalism and the only way to force people to alter their lifestyle is to scare them.


It appears to be working. We must continue to get the word out and check your schools to see if any science teachers are feeding your children this trash. Then you must confront them. Bombard your local papers with the studies and the stories that dispute false science. The truth will win.



Posted by gordonbloyer at 10:27 PM EDT

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