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Welcome to my Web site!

I host a cable access television show on Comcast cable. The Gordon Bloyer Show can be seen on channel 4, in Portage, on Monday at 6:30pm. It is on channel 44, in Portage, on Tues, Wed and Thursday at 6:30pm. It is rerun on Sat. at 10am on 26. It is on AT&T cable in Lake County on Wed. at 7:30pm on channel 16.

Hello my name is Gordon Bloyer and I am from Portage, Indiana. Here are some interesting facts regarding my background.

Gordon Bloyer has been called a Renaissance man by Ronn Owens of KGO radio in San Francisco. Rush Limbaugh read from a letter by Gordon on his national radio show. President Ronald Reagan invited Gordon to the White House to thank him for his support. When Gordon speaks people listen. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. His letters and articles have been printed in many publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Washington Times, USA Today, Monterey Herald, San Mateo Times, San Jose Mercury, Gary Post-Tribune, Hammond Times and the San Francisco Progress.

When Gordon was working as a private investigator his work was featured in a three part series on KRON -TV in San Francisco. As the San Francisco co-chairman of the grassroots lobby, Citizens For America, he spoke out for the Reagan administration on all the San Francisco radio and television stations and as a result he was invited to the White House on November 13, 1986. That was the very day that President Reagan announced the Iran-Contra investigation.

In 1996 Gordon started his own television show in Portage, Indiana. He wanted to spread the conservative message. All hell broke loose. The mayor and the president of the city council did not like what Gordon had to say. They tried to keep him out of council meetings and tried to remove him from the airwaves. Guess what? Gordon is still on the air and expanding to the internet. The mayor and the president of the council were both defeated in the election after Gordon featured their record on his show. They were the only incumbents defeated.

In Portage, Indiana, the name, Gordon Bloyer, strikes fear in the hearts of unethical politicians, shady contractors, corrupt business men, con artists and lazy government employees. He started a local cable access show in 1996. He has used his camera to catch government employees doing political work on the job. He caught the mayor on audio tape admitting that he used police cars so he could speed. He got that same ex-mayor, on tape, stealing his political sign. 

Bloyer was selected as “Citizen of the Year” by a local group in 1997. State Senator Rose Ann Antich, D-Merrillville, presented him with the Indiana Senate Certificate of Achievement for “promoting accessibility to public information, freedom of speech and honesty and truth in government.”

Local officials tried to stop Bloyer from recording public meetings, they had him removed by the police. He sued and won. Now all the meetings are on television. Those officials were defeated in the next election.

Shady roofing contractors moved in after a hail storm, Bloyer exposed them. A local police informant went on the run after Bloyer reported he was using his police connections to commit more crimes.

Gordon Bloyer has been threatened, sued and he has been attacked by a judges husband. Nothing will stop him. He is still a friend to the people that have no friends and an enemy to those that would step on them.


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